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BrandNew launchs High Power 320W 915nnm/976nm Semiconductor Laser Diode for Fiber Laser Pumping

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BrandNew Technology recently introduced the 9XX series 320W high-power output semiconductor laser module, which is based on multi-laser chip spot shaping and combining technology to achieve high-power 320W in a 200um core fiber. This laser provides exceptional power density for advanced applications.

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The product uses advanced fiber coupling technology to realize 320W high-power laser transmission in a fiber with a numerical aperture of NA0.22 and a core of 200um, and 95% of the power transmitted in the range of NA0.18, so that the laser power is more concentrated and higher brightness. At present, the module can provide output wavelength of 915nm and 976nm, its spectral width FWHM < 4.5nm, which enables customers to have higher stability when selecting laser applications with different wavelengths. The module has a 1064nm laser isolation mechanism, which is ideally suited for pumping applications such as industrial fiber lasers and fiber laser amplifier and direct diode material processing systems. It avoids damage to the laser module caused by the reverse transmitted light in the system and improves the safety and stability of the whole system.



It represents a major step forward in power, brightness, and packaging for a semiconductor laser.

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