800W 808nm Macro Channel Water Cooled Vertical Diode Laser Stack

    BrandNew's macro channel stack is excellent both for price and quality. Moreover, marco channel has no special requirments for water quality and easy for operation.  We do a lot of reseach and improve technology to overcome the shortage of bar easily burnning,we use Germany bar to insure high power and long lifetime, peak power up to 900W. Ausu soldering for high reliability.

    All in all, only Brandnew can guarantee long warranty to 18 months , no limitation of shots.

    If you have any problem during warranty time,send back immidiately, we will repair with no charge.


    Item No.: WC808VS800
    Item Name: 800W 808nm Water Cooled Vertical Stack Diode Laser

    Center Wavelength808nm
    Wavelength Tolerance±10nm
    Working ModeQCW
    Output Power Per Bar50W/Bar
    Number of Bars16
    Fast Axis Divergence(FWHM)38Deg
    Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM)12Deg
    Pulse Width≤400ms
    Duty Cycle≤40%
    Operating Current Iop~45A
    Threshold Current Ith~10A
    Operating Voltage Vop~28V
    Power Conversion Efficiency~50%
    Operating Temperature20~30℃
    Storage Temperature0-55℃

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800W 808nm 100W 8bar Water Cooled Vertical Stack Diode Laser