1W 1064nm TO-Can Laser Diode

    The Transistor Outline package (or TO-Can) was developed to create a highly reliable (often hermetically sealed) package with a very low thermal resistance (impedance), standardized to keep costs down and for universal integration in accordance with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council). Brandnews' TO-packaged laser diodes are available in standard Ø5.6 mm, Ø9 mm.


    Pin Length can be customized 

    Stable and reliable performance

    Hermetically sealed package

    1W output power at 1064nm center wavelength


    Infrared night vision light source

    Traffic surveillance and vigilance

    Laser Therapy

    Water purification

    Laser Lidar

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    Date sheet

    Item No: TO1064DL1

    Item Name: 1W 1064nm TO-Can Laser Diode

    Center Wavelength1064nm
    Wavelength Tolerance
    Output Power1W
    Threshold Current0.5A
    Operating Current2A
    Working Voltage2.2V
    Test Temperature25℃
    Storage Temperature-40~80℃


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1W 1064nm TO-Can Laser Diode