50W 808nm Mirco Channel Diode Laser Bar

    The 50W 808nm Micro Channel Diode Laser Bar is a high-power laser diode that is designed for wide applications. It features a Micro-Channel Cooler (MCC), which provides excellent heat dissipation capacity compared to traditional passively or water-cooled heatsinks. The MCC technology ensures that the laser diode operates at optimal temperatures, which improves its efficiency and reliability.


    Special design, high quality

    50W power, 808nm wavelength, single bar

    Mirco channel, high performance

    Customized service available


    Scientific research



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    Date sheet

    Item No: MC808DB50

    Item Name: 50W 808nm Mirco Channel Diode Laser Bar

    Center Wavelength808nm
    Wavelength Tolerance±10nm
    Number of Bars1
    Working ModeCW
    Output Power40W
    Fast Axis Divergence(FWHM)40Deg
    Slow Axis Divergence(FWHM)10Deg
    Operating Current50A
    Threshold Current8A
    Operating Voltage1.8V
    Test Temperature25℃
    Storage Temperature0-55℃
    CoolantDistilled Water
    Flow Rate0.3L/min
    Max Inlet Pressure350~500kPa
    Water Temperature(No Condensation)23~27℃
    Filtered Water Particles<20μm


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50W 808nm Mirco Channel Diode Laser Bar