10W 940nm C-mount Laser Diode With FAC

    C-Mount with an industry-standard package and small footprint with screw mountings. These lasers are made with quality Copper (OFHC) and are extremely reliable. We do have some options including fast axis lensing. And our 9w 963nm c-mount diode laser are available as broad-area, high-power devices. The industry-standard, one-tab C-mount package is easy to mount and provides good thermal contact, making it an ideal choice for high-power and OEM applications. 


    Industry standard package

    Small footprint with screw mounting

    CW working mode

    Fast axis lensing optional


    OEM Medical 

    Consumer Medical

    Military targeting 

    Range finding and illumination

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    Date sheet

    Item No: CM940KZ10

    Item Name: 10W 940nm C-mount Laser Diode With FAC

    Center Wavelength940nm
    Wavelength Tolerance±10nm
    Output Power10W
    Working ModeCW
    Operating Current Iop10A
    Threshold Current Ith0.5A
    Operating Voltage Vop2V
    Test Temperature25℃
    Storage Temperature-30-70℃
    Wavelength Temp. Coefficient0.3nm/℃


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10W 940nm C-mount Laser Diode