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100W 905nm Laser Chip for Radar

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The application range of laser lidar is wide, and the downstream application market of lidar in China is mainly concentrated in unmanned driving and surveying and mapping. Lidar is used in the field of unmanned driving, which can identify obstacles and ensure driving safety. With the vigorous development of the unmanned driving market, the automotive lidar market has developed rapidly. In 2016, China's vehicle lidar market size was 193 million RMB, and in 2017 it was 277 million RMB, an increasing of 43.52% year on year, showing a rapid growth. It is expected that by 2020, China's vehicle lidar market will exceed 500 million RMB Reached 529 million RMB. As one of the most important sensors in unmanned driving technology, vehicle-mounted lidar has broad development prospects.


In addition to vehicle-mounted unmanned driving, the technology of lidar in the fields of surveying and surveying, drones, and service robots is rapidly improving, and the demand for lidar will maintain a rapid growth. In particular, with the development of applications such as unmanned driving and surveying and surveying, higher requirements have been placed on the testing distance and accuracy of lidar. This requires higher-power laser emission chips. In view of this, BrandNew Technology has recently launched The newly developed 100W 905nm pulsed lidar chip.


A 4-layer light-emitting section is used, with a light-emitting size of 300μm x 16μm, and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 41%. The fast axis divergence angle is 30 degrees, and the slow axis divergence angle is 10 degrees. It is particularly worth noting that this chip has excellent high temperature resistance. The temperature test at 25 ° C to 125 ° C is heavy. For every 10 ° C increase, the power is reduced by 4%.

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PIV Chart at different temperature

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 We also can supply 905nm TO-mounted package laser diode as below:


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