480W 808nm 6bars QCW Water Cooled Horizontal Stack Diode Laser

    The heatsink structure is designed with excellent heat dissipation capacity so that we can connect up to tens of 80W laser diode bars in series on a single linear heatsink.

    These linear arrays come with excellent qualities with expected life time of 10,000 hours.


    80w per bar

    QCW working mode

    high stability and long lifetime.

    Main application is YAG pumping

    480w horizontal laser stack.JPG

    Item No.:WC808HS480

    Optical Typical Value
    Center Wavelength λ808nm
    Wavelength Tolerance±5nm
    Working ModeQCW
    Output Power480W
    Number of Bars6
    Fast Axis Divergence FWHM38 Degree
    Slow Axis Divergence FWHM10 Degree
    Polarization ModeTE
    Operating Current Iop~85A
    Threshold Current Ith~20A
    Operating Voltage Vop~11V
    Power Conversion Efficiency~45%
    Pulse Width<200ms
    Duty Cycle<40%
    Operating Temperature20~30°C
    Storage Temperature-40~+70℃
    CoolantFiltered Water
    Water Flow Rate4~6LPM
    Input Water Pressure0.4Mpa

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    Specifications may be changed without any previous notice.

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480W 808nm 6Bars Water Cooled Horizontal Laser Stack